“My naturopathic doctor (in Portland, Oregon, where we recently moved from) prescribed Violet Daily for me. I’ve been on it for about a year now and it is amazing! I’m peri-menopausal and was really struggling with breast pain and PMS and the Violet Daily has helped tremendously with both. Thank you!!!”


My name is Pam, I am 66 yrs old, I live in the North West, I have been the sole owner/operator of my own cleaning business for the last 25 years. I’ve been pretty active and athletic all of my life and haven’t had any major health issues most of my life and I’m not on any prescription drugs for anything. I could probably stand to lose a few pounds, but for the most part, pretty healthy.

     This all started about 2 years ago (2020) when I started having pain on the right side of my right breast. I didn’t think anything about it at first because it was fairly mild, until it started getting more painful. Then I also noticed that I started having pain on the right side of my left breast as well. So the first thing I thought of was, “Oh great, double cancer!” And since I don’t have a Dr I really care for or trust, I started doing research online and found that the symptoms I had didn’t fit cancer symptoms, but dense breast. In further searches I found that molecular iodine can help with the pain of dense breast, which ultimately led me to Violet Daily. I decided to give it a shot and I’m soooo glad I did!! That little, daily pill, not only relieved the pain, but also took away the dense breast. I literally can not feel the density that I first had. I also have to give thanks to my God/Jesus who I feel led me to you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Pam D


“I finally started taking Violet Daily after my first mammogram which showed that I had some issues with fibrocystic breast tissue.  I had known about Violet Daily for a while, however the breast tenderness did not seem to be enough to spur me to action.  I have been taking it pretty consistently now for approximately 4-5 months and I'm happy to report that the breast tenderness, while not excruciating initially, has improved from what it was by 85-90%.  I barely notice it now in my luteal phase.  I'm super grateful for this product, and also knowing that iodine deficiency can be a contributing factor for other female health issues, I'm glad this product exists to help balance my body.”

Beth F.

“I've been taking Violet Iodine every day for last 7 months. It was prescribed to me by the integrative oncologist doctor who treats me, as part of the protocol for breast cancer I'm fighting. She specified that this formulation of Iodine was specifically created for women. I was aware that most people are deficient in iodine, and for women this deficiency is even more damaging. I also was surprised how many forms of iodine are there, and they are not all equal, and opinions about what form is the best are different. Though I was taking iodine for couple of years, I never knew if it was doing something good or not. That was before my integrative oncologist suggested this formulation. I currently don't experience the same tenderness in breasts as I did when I was younger, as the treatments I'm on made me menopausal. My doctor didn't prescribe it for pain in breasts, though I could definitely benefit from it years ago when I had these monthly pains, if I'd know about this product. This form of iodine was prescribed to me to address deficiency and help conquer cancer. ”

Oxana S


“For the first time in years I'm completely pain-free”

Terry G.

“Hello from Montana! My name is Amanda and I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Health Coach. One of the most common recommendations I make for my clients struggling with premenstrual breast discomfort is Violet daily iodine supplement. After personally suffering for years with extreme breast tenderness and swelling for two weeks before my cycle, I discovered Violet. Within one month of taking it daily, my symptoms were gone! I am so grateful for your product.”

Amanda F.


“"Violet is for pre-menstrual breast discomfort and helps alleviate breast tenderness, aches, and swelling....I've been using Violet for my patients. They agree, that their marketing is spot on because it does a great job.”

Ian Taras, MD, ObGyn

“I am so grateful that my doctor recommended Violet to me, as it was the last option of many things I had tried to reduce my breast pain and discomfort each month. Taking one pill a day in the morning is so easy, verus taking multiple supplements that I was trying before. I was also considering an IUD, but preferred not to take that step, so I am so happy my symptoms have been reduced by using Violet Iodine alone. What a LIFE SAVER!”

Ty D.


“I tried everything to relieve my breast pain, but nothing worked until Violet.”

Emilee S.

“Let me start by saying that this is the first time I’ve ever written a review for anything. I’m constantly sharing my success story with friends but it’s important that others know too. For years I’ve suffered from excessive breast pain on a monthly basis. During an online search I found Violet iodine and decided to give it a try. I started taking this over a year ago and noticed an impact within the first month. It was absolutely incredible! I continued taking it for many months and so brilliantly decided to stop taking it to see if perhaps I was cured? Nope… Within a month all of my pain had returned, and I realized that this is something that I desperately need.  Thank you, Violet! 🙂

Amanda F.


“After just a few weeks of taking Violet I realized this is amazing! I feel so care-free and pain-free. Even some of the little spots that were causing extra discomfort have disappeared.”

JoAnna H.

“Hello! I want to submit a review of Violet Daily! I have very dense breast tissue and during my monthly cycle I would get painful, swollen breasts. I had researched iodine supplementation and started with another brand, but this brand required a liquid dropper dosing and was not easy to gauge how much iodine you were getting in each drop. I found Violet daily on Amazon and decided to try it. It has worked wonders for my painful breasts, in fact the pain is nearly gone. My breasts are not swollen anymore during my cycle and the pain went from a 5/10 down to a 1/10. I have also read studies that show iodine to be beneficial in reducing the risk of breast cancer, so I will keep taking this for life. Thanks!”

Brittany D.


“After my third child I’d gone years with excruciating breast pain, but Violet made life easier.”

Tracy M.

“I would like to start this review off by saying thank you to Violet Iodine for creating such an amazing product. I have been purchasing this product for over a year now and I can honestly say the results have been phenomenal! Within just the first two weeks of using Violet Iodine, I noticed dramatic changes immediately. The results were effective enough to the point that the physical differences were drastically noticeable to me. I had only been using this product for two weeks prior to receiving my monthly cycle and when it arrived there was no pain! Absolutely zero soreness and my breasts felt so much lighter, and most importantly there was very minimal swelling. *Breasts swell during your period because of the surge of estrogen before ovulation*. Another unexpected benefit – my breast cup went down 2 cup sizes while using it. From a D cup to a B cup bra size. P.S. don’t worry about losing your cup sizes if you like them ladies. The loss of density stems from the Fibroids healing and glandular tissue shrinking back to normal size, so everyone using this product could possibly expect a little decrease in density due to your breasts healing. This product has changed my life. Thank you, guys.”

Laura L.


“I used to think my sharp and severe breast pain was a normal period symptom.”

Wendy F.

“I am genuinely pleasantly surprised how well Violet has worked to reduce the hardness, sensitivity, and pain in my breasts. After unwittingly removing the only iodine source in my diet, my breasts became extremely firm and fibrocystic over time. I was truly distraught over the rapid and intense negative health consequences of that dietary change. It took a very long time for me to figure out what the problem was, but when I discovered Violet Iodine, I knew I had to try it. I was skeptical at first and was concerned about possible side effects, but after taking this product for well over a year, the only effects I have noticed are positive ones: softening of the breast tissue, less hormone-induced sensitivity and pain—even fewer and less painful cramps during menstruation. I have found this product most successful when I take it consistently and after reintroducing dietary iodine sources (sea vegetables). I’m not sure that my body will ever fully return to the way it was prior to my health ordeal, but Violet has nonetheless exceeded my expectations. I would recommend it to any woman suffering from breast hardness and pain.”



“Violet is a life saver. Without it, I’m sore, swollen, tender and very uncomfortable for 1-2 weeks each month.”

Sarah J.

“Hello from Montana! My name is Amanda and I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Health Coach. One of the most common recommendations I make for my cl“Violet Daily has helped me so much with my breast cyst. I have had fibrocystic breast disease all my life. My gynecologist suggested Violet daily to help reduce the cyst in my breast. It has helped reduce the size of my cyst and reduce my breast pain.  Thank you.”ients struggling with premenstrual breast discomfort is Violet daily iodine supplement. After personally suffering for years with extreme breast tenderness and swelling for two weeks before my cycle, I discovered Violet. Within one...”

Tammy W.


“Before I was taking Violet, every day was literally miserable.”

Sarah C.

“Violet has saved my life! Going into perimenopause, I started to have really intense breast pain. I couldn’t find anything that would help me until I found your product. I’ve been purchasing it ever since (which has been over a year now!) It is one of the very few things that has helped and I can tell a big difference when I don’t take it. Violet brought me so much relief and I’m so happy to know it exists because it has relieved my pain! I don’t know what I would do without it. Thank you x1000!”

Angela S.


“I’m about to get my period in a week and my breasts aren’t even sensitive. How come I didn’t know about this sooner?”

Phoebe O.

“I recently switched gynecologists and my new one recommended I take Violet. I have had breast discomfort as long as I can remember especially around my period. I just thought it was something we all had to live with. Turns out that is not true! I wish I could take a time machine and let my 20-year-old self know about Violet. I have been taking it for four months and have had no pain or tenderness since two weeks in. It is a life changer! Seriously. Thank you for creating this awesome supplement.”

Dr. Colleen M.


“After the second month of taking Violet, the breast pain that would come with my period is completely gone.”

Beth M.

“I have been using Violet for about two years and it’s been a game changer. Ever since I could remember my breasts would be sore constantly and worse when I had my period. I asked my OBGYN and she told me about two or three different vitamins, but none of them worked and were more costly. I take one tablet of Violet daily and I’m in no pain. When I couldn’t find the product at Walgreens anymore, I wrote to Violet and someone got back to me right away, and because they were out of stock at the time I tried to order, I received a free month with my order!!! The customer service is amazing along with the product!! Thank you.”

Tara M.


“I was recommended Violet for breast pain and cancer risk reduction, and after 30 years I can finally say I’ve never felt better.”

Audra T.

“Being an active person, it bothered me that during my monthly cycle I had swollen and painful breasts. Especially when I started to run marathons, this limited my athletic ability. I would use two sports bras to deal with the breast tenderness during my premenstrual days. I looked for ways that I could reduce this, and found Violet being advertised in a magazine. Within one month of consistently taking it – religiously early in the morning on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before eating, my symptoms were gone. I need to ensure I always have it in stock and when I slack off the tenderness comes right back. I am so grateful to have found this product as it has improved my lifestyle.”

Josie M.


“What I like about Violet is that it’s the correct type of iodine to specifically target breast tenderness and premenstrual changes in women, it’s a safe dosage of iodine, and it also has selenium, so that it’s safer to absorb.”

Erin O.

“Ladies, Violet is a game changer. I’ve struggled with debilitating breast pain for two weeks every month since I was 15. In my 20’s I finally caved and saw a doctor who told me to “avoid caffeine and chocolate” and to “take vitamin E and wear a supportive bra”. Um okay, I tried, but really? Of course, none of that worked, and I was absolutely miserable. I couldn’t zip my jackets over my chest, put on seat belts or hug anyone without searing pain- it was so bad. After a long time of searching and trying different home remedies- none that really worked- I stumbled upon Violet. The reviews seemed too good to be true, but I gave it a whirl thinking there was no place to go after being at rock bottom for so long. I didn’t see changes right away but from the website it said to take it for up to 60 days. So, I did, and I saw an incremental difference so I kept taking it for another 60 days, and holy crow did this change my life! Now I barely have pain anymore! To be fair, it needs to be taken consistently or I see a change right away the next month. But, if consistently taking a once-a-day pill is the price to pay not to live in pain, I’ll happily do it. It’s completely changed my life- I just wish I hadn’t spent 15 plus years without it. Please don’t ever stop making Violet!”

Jessica C.


“Within a month or two I didn’t have any symptoms anymore. I’m a big believer in what Violet is doing. Thank you so much for being there and helping us ladies.”

Jessica L.

“I love Violet! For years I’ve suffered from extreme breast pain. It was extreme right before my period and still lingering throughout the month. It has gotten worse as I get older, however, I always shrugged it off as something I just had to deal with. Last year my breast pain was so painful I visited the gynecologist and she recommended a mammogram. I was only 38, but I’ve asked so many women who say their breast pain is cyclical and only mild with menstrual cycles. Fortunately, my test came back healthy and after more research on the internet I stumbled on Violet. After about a month of taking Violet, my breast pain was gone. Completely gone. I do not even suffer from slight pain before my period. It’s amazing. I recommend taking Violet if you even have slight discomfort.”

Sheila R.


“After an ultrasound, they found the beginnings of fibrocystic disease. So, I did my research and I discovered molecular iodine on a lot of the naturopathic sites. I ordered Violet and was pain free after a few months. It’s been an absolute savior.”

Natalie H.

“As a woman in her 40’s, I accepted the fact that I would always have to deal with cyclical breast pain. Since the age of 18 I’d tried everything from Vitamin E to a heating pad, and nothing seemed to relieve the pain. Yet after mentioning this to my gynecologist during my annual visit, she noticed that I winced and stiffened during my breast exam due to the agonizing pain. “Have you ever heard of Violet supplements?” she asked. I replied that I had not. She suggested that I order a pack and try the supplements as most of her patients found the pills to be helpful. They weren’t just helpful – they were a LIFESAVER! Within two weeks, the pain and discomfort were gone and I happily ditched my sports bras for regular bras! Thank you so much. You have a customer for life!”

Alicia C.


“So many more women need to know about this – that their breast pain is not something they have to live with. It’s fixable.”

Kathryn S.

“I’ve suffered from having cysts in my left breast for many years. I thought that pain would go away after I had a hysterectomy, but the pain intensified. It was difficult laying on my left side and hard to work out or wear bras. I tried over the counter pain relievers but they didn’t really work. My doctor suggested cutting out caffeine. I tried but no relief. I considered getting the large cyst drained but my doctor said that it may fill up with fluid again over time. Luckily, I was reading a book from Dr. Christiane Northup and she wrote that a lot of breast pain and issues come from having a lack of iodine in our diets. She mentioned Violet and I placed an order because I felt like I had nothing to lose. I’m so grateful for Violet! In a matter of weeks, the pain went away. I could work out and sleep on my left side again. I was amazed that the cyst actually shrunk! I continue to take it daily for my breast health. I definitely recommend taking Violet!”

Denise W.


“Before Violet, my breasts and period were a nightmare. The pain was almost unmanageable. Every month, for 6-10 days I’d be living what I felt like was a shell of my normal life. Now the discomfort is at a 3 whereas before it’s always been at a 10.”

Natalie F.

“I’m 47 and have struggled with monthly breast pain and swelling for the last 5-6 years. Most cycles my breasts would become painful in the days prior to ovulation and this would last until my period was over. I’d be pain and discomfort-free for only about a week, and sometimes not at all! It was so frustrating, and recommended supplements like Evening Primrose oil did absolutely nothing. At my last annual check-up my nurse practitioner recommended Violet. I was hesitant to try it and waited a couple of months, but finally out of desperation I purchased it. The first month I noticed maybe a slight reduction in symptoms, but now, after nearly four months, I am literally symptom-free! You could not pay me to go back to those “boulder boobs”! I can’t recommend Violet highly enough and recommend that anyone struggling with these annoying and persistent hormonal symptoms give it a try and set yourself free. Life is too short!”

Krista K.


“I love Violet. It's been such a blessing to my life and had struggled with fiber cystic breasts for a lot of years."



“...within like a month, maybe two months maximum, I actually felt a massive difference in my breasts. So if you are at all questioning whether you should try this product and you have heavy breasts before you bleed or just you can feel like cysts inside them. I highly recommend it. It's absolutely incredible. And I'm very happy that I found Violet."